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Deposition Services

A court reporting, transcription and video conferencing provider in business since 1977, looking for their voice.

CLIENT / Deposition Services

SERVICES / Branding, Art Direction, Strategic Planning

They’ve been in business since 1977. But that’s a long time to go before a makeover.

Deposition Services fought hard to become a market leader in the highly competitive industry of court reporting. After decades of innovation and out maneuvering the competition, they wanted a brand that spoke their values.

Ontos was asked to create a fresh brand identity system, so that Deposition Services could deliver their world class products in a package that told their story.

LOGO / The evolving lines demonstrate the transition from chaotic and unusable data and communications to the ordered, clear communication that is Deposition Services’ fundamental offering.

The color communicates the energetic approach Deposition Services applies to every aspect of its highly competitive business.

BRAND MANUAL / Consistency is paramount in building a recognizable brand identity.

We delivered a Brand Manual, distributed company wide, with the most frequent identity applications, mistakes to avoid, and how to achieve consistency and vibrancy in future messaging.


A brand exists wherever your customers interact with you.

Deposition Services asked us to extend their new brand to their letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and office design.

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