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Celebrating Grace

Heaven bent on taking worship music into the 21st century.

CLIENT / Celebrating Grace

SERVICES / Branding, Art Direction, Strategic Planning, AdWords Grant Management, Website Design & Development, Product Photography

Six years into business, Celebrating Grace discovered that following its aggressive expansion, its brands had become mismatched, and they were lacking a communication strategy.

To get to the next level, they commissioned Ontos to unify their messaging, and develop a long term roadmap for their brand.

BRAND UNIFICATION / With tens of thousands of books in print, and 6 product lines in 6 different visual languages, the first step was to create a disciplined design system to draw the brands together.

(Note: the Hymnal brand was left untouched. When a new edition is released, Celebrating Grace hopes to have it join the new design system.)

CORPORATE BRAND & TYPOGRAPHY / Customers were buying products, but weren’t connecting them with Celebrating Grace.

We created a recognizable corporate brand, to appear with each product.

PRODUCT BRANDING / Next, we redesigned the product brands. We preserved their original elements, yet updated and refined the designs, to join them into a single, unified system.

Each product remained instantly recognizable to long time customers, and told a cohesive story to new customers.

BRAND GUIDE / A design system is only as strong as its implementation.

To help Celebrating Grace deliver a powerful, consistent voice across dozens of media, we created a comprehensive Brand Guide, usable by any staff member across the organization.

ADWORDS MANAGEMENT / Ontos developed hundreds of ad campaigns, using a non-profit grant from Google, to drive an exponential increase in traffic, sales, and lead acquisition.

STRATEGIC PLANNING / Ontos led Celebrating Grace in developing their Mission, Vision, and Values statements, coupled with a practical and instantly actionable marketing strategy.

WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT / Ontos developed a cutting edge Magento e-commerce website, joining the Celebrating Grace warehouse, inventory control, and sales staff data into one powerful system.

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