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Blanford Parker

A bonafide literary genius, retired from Harvard, looking for a platform to share his perspective.

CLIENT / Blanford Parker

SERVICES / Branding, Strategic Planning, Website Design

Blanford Parker was born in 1955 and grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Words were always in his nature.

After a distinguished stint teaching literature at Harvard, he left for a span at NYU (where he won further awards). Recently, Blanford sought a platform to broadcast his ideas to a wider audience, across multiple media, while building a recognizable personality brand.

Ontos was asked to create a brand identity system, and the relevant media platforms, so that Blanford Parker could speak directly to his growing audience.

LOGO / The logo needed to appear on a miniature podcast player, mobile website, paper, desktop, and poster sizes. Instant recognizability at all sizes, while communicating the central brand message, was essential.

The logo, just like Blanford Parker, is looking forward and backwards at the same time. It has a surprising, playful perspective. The logo is looking at a thing from a new vantage point.

TYPOGRAPHY / In the written word, type can sometimes express more than the word itself. Blanford Parker’s approach to literature and life is to search deeply, and find a common thread between the old and the new.

The pairing of ITC Franklin Gothic (modern) and Neuton Serif (old world) is a subtle way to reinforce this to each reader.

WEBSITE / We created a beautiful website, built on a rapid content delivery system. It delivers articles, podcasts, and vlogs with incredible page load times, all within an elegant visual structure reflecting the brand.

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