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We design brands, websites, and customer experiences.
We design connections.

We work based on an invested client partnership. We invest deeply in our clients, and they invest in us. We have found time and again that depth of partnership determines meaningful brand results more than any other factor.

Ontos was founded in 2005. In the last 13 years, we have served small and large businesses, nonprofits, universities, musicians, and artists across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

‘Ontos’ means “the absolute essence of a thing.” Discovering the “absolute essence” of a brand promise is the foundation of every great brand. It’s both our name and our starting line for every project.

A brand is the connection formed in the hearts and minds of human beings who accumulate experience with you.

Every communication made (or not made) contributes to your brand.

What story are you telling?

Principles of How We Work

We work for your customers.
We are focused on the people who give your business a heartbeat.

Simple, goal-oriented communication.

Two-way radio.
Let’s talk, and often.

Crystal clear activity reports with what is being done, when, why, and for how much.

Partnerships, not vendorships.
Teamwork makes brands work.

Without it, we’re both wasting our time. With it, we can do great things.


Strategic Planning
Stakeholder Interviews
Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Community Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Art Direction
Style Guides
PPC, CPC Campaign Design

Website Design & Development
Mobile & Responsive Design
Information Architecture
Landing Pages
Digital Ad Campaign Design (AdWords, CPC, PPC)

Brand Design
Design Systems
Product Artwork
Business Card

Experience Design
Email Newsletter Design
Email Journey Design
Customer Funnel Design
Customer Journey Design
User Interface Design
Graphic Design

Form a lasting connection in the hearts and minds of your audience.