Deposition Services, Inc.

Deposition Services, Inc. is a full-service court reporting, transcription and video conferencing company providing services to public and private clients since 1977.

In 2010, Ontos provided Deposition Services with the following services:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Branded Collateral Design

The logo’s lines demonstrate the transition from more hurried and chaotic communications to the ordered, clear communications that is Deposition Services’ fundamental offering.

The color communicates the energetic, vital approach Deposition Services applies to every aspect of its business.

The enclosing circle represents Deposition Services’ grounded, tried-and-tested process.

The logotype was designed with the Livory Bold typeface. Livory Bold was chosen for its thick serifs, balanced character forms, modern, yet traditional appearance, cohesiveness with the logo, and openness. It was modified for this use.

This logotype is a unique design and cannot be accurately reproduced by typing the words, either in Livory Bold, or any other typeface.